Is it December 4th Yet?

Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the finest role-playing games to come out of the last console generation, so hype levels are at max capacity for the upcoming launch of Xenoblade Chronicles X on December 4th. The new North America commercial and UK promo video shown earlier today isn’t making the wait any fucking easier, is […]

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Okay, Etrain Odyssey. You Win.


Haven’t played it myself, but I’m looking forward to hearing the whimpers of agony as Brad gets addicted to yet another game….

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If you’ve read my last two posts, you know damn well I’m obsessed with Persona Q right now. The battle system, the labyrinthine dungeon crawling, the map drawing; all of which come from the Etrain Odyssey side of the mash-up.

I’ve put off Etrain Odyssey since.. well, since forever. Until today.

Etrain Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl for 3DS is on sale until the 30th of this month for a mere $10. So what the hell. I’ll give it a shot.

Apparently (according to my expert Wikipedia skills) Millennium Girl is both a reimagining and remake of the original game, adding an all new Story mode with set characters. It still includes the Classic mode, where you can make your own characters, but I don’t think I’d be interested in that. I need a story to drag me along, no matter how cliche.

I hear the series is punishingly difficult, so I’ll…

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My End of Year Gaming Goal is Pretty Intense


Brad discusses his End-of-the-Year Gaming Goals.

I’m about in the same spot though I’ve somehow only got a couple of games on hand that I’m going through. I’ll have to do a similar post but right now I’m going through Syndicate, Code Realize Rebirth, and I’ve been eyeing FE: Awakening again,

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With November nearing its end, it’s only a matter of time before we’re all tossing back adult beverages and watching a giant ball descend on television. At least, I hope we’re talking about the same ball.

A little background first.

I finally decided to become a full time student back in August, and although I’m only going for my Associates in Science right now, I’ve been out of high school since 1999. My body and brain were not prepared for this amount of work, or studying, or math. Or anything college related, really. How in the hell do people get plastered every night and still graduate, is my question.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I moved from the busy city of Baltimore to the middle of nowhere in order to help out my parents (disabled mom, terminal dad). That being said, there’s no such thing as community college…

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First update of 2015 knocks the cobwebs off my REVIEWS page


Brad’s back in action, baby!

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With this blog being largely forgotten about (sorry!), I’ve decided to approach it as more of a personal thing. I’ve gone ahead and updated my REVIEWS page to list every single review I’ve written over the last year at What’s Your Tag?, mainly as a portfolio of sorts, I suppose. They’re all listed from newest to oldest, and largely consist of reviews done at the request of the game’s developer or publisher.

Over the last 6 months or so, I was given a game console by OUYA to play and review their games. I’ve really, really enjoyed it, so there’s plenty of OUYA reviews on that list; and a ton of great games that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

I’m going to make it a point to keep my review list updated as I write them. Since I know old reviews really don’t draw a crowd, let’s just count…

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Apparently I Like Drawing Maps


If anyone’s wondering, Brad dangled the same Amazon deal in front of me. My 3DS is calling to me and I’m supposed to be doing NaNo right now. This is just making me want to procrastinate more.

TL;DR: Excellent information about Persona Q from a fantastic friend of mine who made me buy the game too.

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I know I’m a year late to the party, but I started playing Persona Q earlier today and came to the conclusion that (like the title states) I actually enjoy drawing my own dungeon maps. Apparently the Etrain series was on to something that I totally missed out on by avoiding them like the plague.

Shin Megami Tensei is an entire universe of games that I’ve been intrigued by for a while, but I passed on Persona Q last year for.. whatever reason. I just so happened to be in the market for a 3DS case when I noticed Amazon was selling the Wild Card edition of Persona Q at half price–which includes a 3DS zip case, a deck of tarot cards, a saucy art book, and the soundtrack. You could say fate brought us together (or something).

I also had no idea that Persona Q was a mash-up between the characters of Persona (3 &…

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7/19/15 – Your Regularly Scheduled Weekly Breakdowns Were Interrupted by a Truckload of Feels

I solemnly swear that I intended these to be a weekly update and not a tri-weekly update. Unfortunately, when real life hits you by the balls, there’s not much you can do except curl in the fetal position and hope that it ends.

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6/27/15 – I should put on pants and go to work but…

…the cat took a shit on them and now it’s the desperate race to the end, hoping they’ll be dry in time. Hopefully the three towels I threw inside the dryer will help out with that.

Inspired by my good pal over at Reviewer Discretion, I decided to, what the hell, do a chronicle of the week for me and all that jazz. As some of you know, it was my birthday just this week, turning me a big fat five twenty-five. Yippee, I can carry concealed and rent a car now. Also, car insurance goes down. Double-yippee. But it’s been a pretty uneventful week.

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